Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Super Bowl Slumber

  • News & Notes! during one of the most boring two week stretches in the sports calendar
  • 17 years and counting for the Skins since their last Super Bowl... or their last NFC championship game. 
  • Eagles have been to 5 NFC championships in the past 7 years -- I'd buy that for a dollar. I'd take a contender who has a chance to win it any day over a guaranteed  win. Give me 5 NFC championships, even if they end in heartbreak, over 1 Super Bowl and 4 poor seasons.
  • 50/50 Will Eagle DeSean Jackson have more receiving yards in his rookie season than all three Skins rookie receivers in their careers? Current score: DeSean - 920, Fred Davis, Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly - 147  Keep in mind both Devin Thomas and Fred "Sleepy" Davis were taken before Jackson was in the 2nd round. Oh, yeah, Bronco Eddie Royal (980 yards, 5 TDs) was taken on the board when we picked Thomas, too. Thanks, Vinny.
  • Best use of the Skins money? Give Wade Phillips a $3-million contract...to continue coaching the Cowboys. Throw in some for T.O while you are at it.
  • Trade Clinton Portis for Anquan Boldin straight up. Cardinals get a better running game, we get the receiver we need. Start Betts until better talent comes along.
  • Gotta love Baltimore making a run -- Danny's gotta hate that. 

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