Sunday, September 2, 2007

I'm back and with some baseball fellas...Barry Svrluga, beatwriter extraordinaire is the first professional to, subtly, point out a fact that Capitol Punishment and every other Nats fan has (have?) been railing on: Brian Schneider is not very good. And he makes a lot of money (for a cheap ass team).

"Which leaves the Nationals with an interesting question. Schneider, a veteran with two years and $9.8 million left on his contract, is struggling offensively, hitting .228. Acta said last night that Flores would likely play more over the final month of the season, but he also continued to praise Schneider's work with the pitching staff."

And after last night's win, the question is, why not make Jesus Flores, Superstar, the starter? Manny certainly seems to have a mancrush on him:

"...Acta believes in Flores's long-term potential as a power hitter.

"I've been wrong before, many times," he said, "but I do think this kid's going to be a good player up here."

Not to mention, the SvlurgBlvurg had a nice little position comparison that pretty much destroyed the notion that Schneider is irreplaceable because of his defensive and game-calling skillzz. I can't find it anymore on the Post site, and I'm too lazy to crunch the numbers myself. But the staff ERA with Flores behind the plate was something like a full run less than for Schneider. And Schneider is due $9.8 million over the next two years. But hey, at least he's got a hot bat.

The days of Jesus Flores, Superstar look imminent.

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