Monday, December 31, 2007

Get Your Qwest On

At first glance what pops out about Saturday's Skins game, Seattle redux (see 2005), is that both teams have had very up-and-down years. Seattle stumbled to a 10-6 record by feasting on the NFC West, NFL division I-A. Six games against the 49ers (5-11), the Cardinals (7-8) and the Rams (3-13). Add in a tour of the NFC South (a combined 27-37) and you have one of the weakest schedules in the league.

In going 9-7, the Skins played seven playoff teams, including #1 or #2 seeds four times. Seattle played only two playoff teams, Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh. The Seahawks beat 9-7 Tampa Bay only to be crushed 21-0 by the Steelers, now 10-6.
We either beat the Giants, Cowboys, and Packers or played them tight, losing by a bounce, a yard, a last-minute interception.

People will talk about our momentum in going 4-0, but we were a better team than Seattle all season. We've seen far tougher competition and our level of play will show that on Saturday. The only big-pressure game Seattle faced this year was the game at Pittsburgh, and they went paws up (talons up?). Their fans can be turned into boobirds quickly, as they have seen several lackluster performances this year. Just like Minnesota and the Meadowlands, we can set the tone on the road. And thriving in the mucky conditions against Dallas prepares us for anything the Pacific Northwest can throw our way.

Seattle has:
a good quarterback who can be frustrated by tight coverage
a pass rush that can be dominating at times

The key will be making sure Patrick Kerney and Co. don't get to Collins to force fumbles, the kind of turnovers that could lead to easy scores. We do that, time to start gameplanning for TO, baby!

Mister Owens, Mister Landry...

It can be done. Anything is possible.


Lil Bro said...

Yes, it can be done. Not sure how far we can make it in the post-season, but if we played like we did against Dallas, we have something to offer. Bandwagon?

Minor Thread said...


Ollie said...

After we see what they do in Seattle, I'll be the first to jump on the blogwagon. Hell, I'll detail it and put in some shag carpeting and a mini-chandelier.

Minor Thread said...

Ok, first Wilbon titles an article (at least on the web) "Anything Is Possible" and then Thomas Boswell's "Subtraction By Division" is a virtual rewrite of Sandy Baby's "Get Your Qwest On."

Funny cowinkydinks.

Lil Bro said...

Yeah, Boswell must have read your analysis, even down to the boo-birds. Blogwagon, hoooo!!!!!