Sunday, January 6, 2008

We all go down together

This was a tough one. I don't think I've been this defeated since Super Bowl XVIII.
I watched the game in a bar with a pack of Seattle fans in front of me. One had this whistle-holler yell he let out each time his team put Collins on his back or scored. I got so sick of it.
So in those glorious few minutes in the second half, when the Redskins did seem to have a charmed life -- or at least a guardian angel looking out for them -- I was thrilled to have silenced the Seahawk fans. When we appeared to score our third touchdown on the kickoff, I was out of my seat, high-fiving other 'Skins fans, Hail to the Redskins started to come out ... and then it was called back ... and then Suisham missed a gimmie field goal ... and Landry's second interception didn't do anything ... and then the whiny joy of that Seattle booster returned.
At this time we usually start the What-the-Team-Needs-in-the-Future chat -- should Gibbs stay, how do we improve the O-line, do we keep Collins?
But instead, for now I'll just marvel that the team got this far. And honored their friend so well.


Minor Thread said...

Yes, it was painful, in the way any playoff loss should be.
Can the Skins get over the hump? Can they strengthen that O-line by getting healthy (and maybe some help)? The max-protect packages made me say, "Holy 2005!"
When the ghost of Sean Taylor stopped that kickoff in mid-flight and we ran it in I nearly peed my pants. I have never seen that happen in any football game. Ever. It was like the moment in "Signs" when the alien walks across the screen. Everyone in Qwest stadium must've gawked like Joaquim Phoenix did when his notion of reality was flipped upside down. We had our chances.

We had our chances.

Lil Bro said...

Uhm, so I said I wasn't going to start the future speculation, but what the hell is going on with Gibbs? Sounds like he's fishing for a contract extension, being coy about returning, but saying J.C. will compete with Collins for the starting position?!? Huh? Yes, yes, competition is good, blah blah. But -- and I didn't want to say this too loudly before -- Collins seemed out of sync at Qwest. Okay, sure he played great the last few weeks, yet against Seattle he seemed rattled by the noise, the pressure, etc. I don't think it cost us the game nescessarily, but for my vote, I want Soup Is Good Food behind center. A young, hungry QB. Not someone's last shot at glory, but a dynasty builder. Thoughts?