Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Adventures of Zorno

Well, it's time for some Hardcore Zorn.
Not the best choice in my mind, but not the worse. I like that he comes from a well-managed team and has helped coach up young quarterbacks. And The Post mentioned that Zorn and Campbell have hit it off when they met.
But what about running a West Coast offense now? And are Vinny C-word's fingerprints all over this decision? And how many seasons -- if any -- until we expect results?


Minor Thread said...

Here are my problems:

1) No one has ever talked about Jim Zorn as head coach material until a day ago. That includes his "well-managed" team. In fact, he coached there from 2001-2007 and they chose ANOTHER coach, Jim Mora, to be the heir apparent to Mike Holmgren. So when Danny touts the track record of Mike Holmgren assistants, keep in mind Holmgren passed him over as head coach of his own team, after getting to know him for 6 years, Jim Mora just one (as DB coach).

2) This is same Jim Mora who was fired in Atlanta. The Redskins not a devalued job? We hired a coach who couldn't get the Seattle job. We hired a coach who people knew for 6 years and then passed over for the coach fired from Atlanta.

3) Mora was an unprofessional doof here in Atlanta. Too chummy with the players, no discipline. Had one winning season in his three years with the team, a gaudy 11-5, and that riding the team Dan Reeves built before being fired. Team got progressively worse each of the three years he coached it. And Holmgren picks him over our savior.

4) Oh, it's a lot like the Gibbs hire? But that was Bobby Beatherd doing the picking. You know, GM for 7 Super Bowl teams. This was Beavis and Butthead. You know, nine years, 5 coaches.

Lil Bro said...

Do we have anything positive to say about Zorn? I mean, he did have nice hair at the press conference.
Well, your insight is good. And I was a little nonplussed when he referenced the "maroon and black" as our team colors at the press event and then praised the 10-man defense salute to Sean Taylor, but -- according to Mike Wise -- that was one of the things that hurt Gregg's relation with Snyder. Oh man, can't it stop! I just want a respectable team.