Thursday, February 28, 2008


(Fact: Above person actually better wide receiver than Brandon Lloyd)

The Wide Receiver is No More

Woo Hoo!!!!1

I like this first line of the second paragraph of J.La's article:

"His release, long anticipated..."

You bet your ass it was.

Here's Le Wide Receiver's Redskins Tenure Recap (Per Redskins Insider):

The final stats: 25 receptions, zero touchdowns. For $10 million in guaranteed money."

Well, that was well worth it.

Somewhere in Koln, Deustcheland, Lil Bro's yodeling and clogging for joy in his lederhoesen.


Lil Bro said...

Damn right, I'm happy! 'Bout time. B. Lloyd B. Leavin'.

Let's all check out his MyFaceSpaceBook page, listen to his awful rapping and all join Tory Aikman in waving a middle-finger good-bye to #85.

Music for Throwing Helmets to:

Anonymous said...

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Ollie said...

That gets comment of the year.