Monday, March 2, 2009

Champions of the Offseason!!!

We won!!! We are the victors! Triumphant!

Once again, we rule the offseason. A big splash aquisition, a huge paycheck, and even larger dreams.

But we've all heard this before.

As a San Francisco (almost RIP) Chronicle sports writer puts it: "Owner Daniel Snyder's list of free-agent blunders reads like a Bernard Madoff balance sheet: Jeff George, Brandon Lloyd, Andre Carter, Adam Archuleta, Antwaan Randle El."

She wonders: How well will Haynesworth play in a non-contract year?

And as the Post pointed out last week: How well will a freelancer like Haynesworth work under a disciplinarian like Blache?

I wonder what will happen when a prima donna player who is the apple of The Danny's eye gets special status? How will that affect morale? Team unity?

Oh yeah, hello Clinton Portis.

"I love Mr. Snyder. Mr. Snyder loves me, that's my man. He kept me around."

Yeah. Champs of the offseason again.

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Minor Thread said...

Danny/Vinny is Lucy from Peanuts. All the Skins fans are Charlie Brown. In one year we will wonder how we all got fooled again. So many fan boys out there on the WaPost message boards have bought in. Yet again. Until we get united nothing is going to change.