Friday, March 6, 2009


What if the Haynesworth bet pays off? He's a sack monster, attacks QBs, forces interceptions, etc. Well, obviously that's an exciting propect, which I'm skeptical of. But I do have a catch phrase ready in case fate finally blesses the Redskins.

"Wait till we get our Haynes on you!"

The stadium fans will chant this while swinging boxer briefs above their heads.

Pretty cool, right? ... no???

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Minor Thread said...

An illuminating combination of optimism and cynicism. I wonder how much Danny will charge for Redskins authentic throwback banana hammocks to wave around our heads a la the terrible towels.

Wake me up when the Skins are in the playoffs. If they don't next year, the debate about the front office's ability to construct a great team should be over, done, kaput.