Thursday, November 1, 2007


I was in my flat in Cologne, flipping through the channels when I come across the Handball World Championships. Germany won against Poland, and it was big news. I however am a little confused by this sport. Admittedly it's been around for years, but still looks like BaseKet Ball to me. I mean, I like odd sports. Australian Rules Football is totally bizarre and enjoyable. But team handball just seemed lost on me. It just seemed like a game my friends and I in 5th grade would make up -- two goals, carry the ball, throw it at the goal. It seems all other popular sports -- soccer, American football, basketball -- deviated from this basic idea in order to make sport more interesting, challenging, and exciting.
Well, watch this YouTube video and tell me what you think.


Minor Thread said...

I was in my flat in Cologne...

This blog was just an excuse to write that first line, right?

Bunch of students from Europe were big into Handball. Or was it Netball?

Ollie said...

Have you gotten B.Llyod's "Eurocut" yet?