Thursday, November 1, 2007

In The Chin We Trust

If the Skins run the table and go 13-3 this year, their record under Joe Gibbs the last 4 years (34-30) would equal the WORST 4-year stretch in Bill Cowher's coaching career.
15 years.
11 winning seasons.
10 trips to the playoffs.

Relocated to just down the road in Raleigh.
Worked with Saunders in Kansas City.
Would demand a terrific GM, even though Pittsburgh has thrived for many years without paying top-dollar for free agents and instead cultivated team-first superstars.
Would headhunt Tom Brady if Patriots had tried to run up the score on him.
Would replace fear of God at Redskins Park with fear of him.
Would kick ass, take names.


Lil Bro said...

Besides rumors and hopefull speculation, what is the truth about Cowher being interested in the Skins or vice versa? I can only hope we can find a savior. I also still think Gibbs may not redeem his return, but ill at least make this a worthwhile season, last week's beat down aside.

Minor Thread said...

it was interesting that Cowher commented on the Skins beatdown, suggesting a team would go after Brady at some point this season, perhaps insinuating the Skins should have. The problem with getting Cowher is Dan Snyder. Oil and water. Cowher is a Schottenheimer guy, coached under him at KC. And we all know how Marty and Dan got along. It's clear now that Marty should never have gotten fired, having gone on to great success, if not playoff wins, with the Chargers, before another idiotic owner canned him for... Norv.