Friday, November 30, 2007

Sorry, I'm Just Not Done with This.

Eugene Robinson, who I know from personal experience is a pretty nice guy, but whose writings I'm typically not a big fan of, has a pretty good take on the media/societal reaction to Sean Taylor. I appreciate the fact that he's one of (if not the first) major media figure to take on Wilbon's inappropriate and asinine comments that he is defiantly still sticking by the notion that, as Robinson puts it, Taylor's "suicide-by-bad-attitude".

There's also a little well-written article about Jason Campbell and his friendship with Taylor. Campbell speaks a little bit to the fact that the best tribute that the Redskins can give Taylor is to win out this season. I hope it doesn't sound insensitive, but it will be interesting to see how they play with his death hanging over them the rest of the season.

Still want to write one more thing about this (at least).

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Lil Bro said...

Good points by Robinson, seeing beyond the stereotypes.
And BTW -- you can send Wilbon an e-mail ( or tell the Post ombudswoman ( ), who I am not a fan of, but will complain to in this case.
On a totally other note -- and yeah, forgive me for this -- I just found it interesting that Sean Taylor was marrying Andy Garcia's niece. Miami is an interesting place. I guess it's a little less so without Taylor around, though.