Thursday, October 2, 2008

Karate Chop YO!

We all know Santana Moss is the king. So far this season, he is second in the NFL in yards receiving and tied for third in receptions. After running cold for a while, what's the deal?

Better connection with QB Soup? Being healthy? More motivation?

Sure, may be. But I think it's -- hiiiii-yah! -- his new embrace of the ancient Asian martial arts. (Cue gong and windchime)

According to this AP story, Master Moss took up Tae Kwon Do in the off season (because, like, running, swimming and lifting weights wasn't enough). The Korean fighting style perhaps gives him more poise, center, focus -- and straight up badassness!

Undoubtedly he will follow in the footsteps of Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jet Li, Bolo Yeung, Sammo Hung, Sonny Chiba (uhm, perhaps I should stop here ... ). And of course, the best of them all -- Jim "Black Belt Jones" Kelly.


Minor Thread said...

Thank you for two reasons.
First: for providing some interesting insight into the development of S. Moss. I know he also took some time off at the end of last season. Oftentimes driven superathletes end up overtraining as they try, again and again, to somehow outwork the opposition (see Zero, Agent) But training takes rest, something many athletes don't realize till they get older, when creaky bones suggest taking off a day a week, or going hard/easy every other day.
Second: We don't have to look at the bizarre anti-Lloyd pic that smacks of making fun of the effeminate kid at Camp Wachusett...a scene that ended very badly.

Ollie said...

Yah! Brother Blog is back!!!!