Sunday, November 30, 2008


I was a little let down with the loss to the Giants today. I really expected the Redskins to remain competitive against a tough team with the emotion of the anniversary of Sean Taylor's murder. (I also though the Palaxico distraction wouldn't hurt either.)
I didn't really expect a win, but a tight, close game would've been nice. Instead, we got the same old stuff -- lack of offense and a failure to execute. I thought our secondary would play a lot better. I still think we can end the season well, may be even win three of the last four games. But I think playoff hopes are unrealistic at this point.


Minor Thread said...

I agree that the playoffs ain't happening this year, perhaps jinxed because of my presumptuous post in the middle of the Cowboys game... And I don't want 4 straight wins followed by a first round defeat. Not really much point to that.

There have been two joys of Skins seasons these past 5 years or so: the moment they play good enough to convince me they can be a contender again, and the moment they play bad enough to convince me I did the right thing by NOT anteing up for NFL direct to see their games. Ah, sweet relief!

Lil Bro said...

Yeah, there's a talk of "running the table" again. But I'm tired of that. Not of winning, but of getting our spirits up and having them shot down post-season (usually by the Seahawks, it seems.) We need progress. What's the thinking on Delvin and Malcolm -- can they be playmakers? Or is it too early to say?

Minor Thread said...

Well, lots of other rookie receivers have already had an impact in the NFL this year. Although, usually the thinking is that a receiver, if they are going to break out with a 1000 yard season, will do it in year 3 of their career. I just think the bad signs on these three keep coming up - poor conditioning, not able to absorb the playbook, missing camp days. Having three guys does let you wait for just one to develop, but that O line and D line coulda used some help, and oftentimes those guys can help you in year one. That has to be the priority this offseason. Although not very glamorous, team success in the NFL can often be boiled down to amount of time your QB has to throw and amount of time the opposing QB has to throw. We need to get to the QB faster, and give Campbell an average of 2 more seconds.

Lil Bro said...

Ugh. And now the fans are all over Campbell, and Campbell is defensive, and it becomes a ugly.

I have no major beef with J.C. I mean, didn't we at least see three big dropped passes in the Giants game and at least two receptions by receivers who failed to get to the down marker? Not mention the o-line (geez, Jon Jansen, block somebody!)

Which gets me to ... was there a bit of slacking during the game? Best example: the first Giants xtra pt attempt, which should have been blocked. That's a scary problem if we see a team just not trying.

Ollie said...

I just finished a research term paper I've been working on all week, so apologies for the length/dryness of this post. I usually leave this stuff to Hogs Haven or idiots on the Post message boards. I'll try to work a dick joke or two into it to make it a little interesting.

Frankly I think you can trace our woes of the past few weeks to both lines being pretty sucky. I think aside from Kedric Golston and Anthony Montgomery (neither one of which is bad, though I wouldn't want Golston starting). We haven't drafted an o-lineman since Dockery until this year, and the dude ain't playing (probably because this a veteran line, on a veteran team, blah blah blah).

I can't see how anyone can blame Jason for shitty play all around him, having Justin Tuck, Demarcus Ware, or Lamarr Woodley in the backfield with him at the beginning of seemingly every other play of each game the past few weeks.

Yeah, he's forced some passes the last few weeks and thrown some bad balls, but have you seen anyone but Santana and maybe Cooley get consistently open?

For the record, I think either Thomas or Malcolm Kelly is going to be pretty good (probably the latter, who came into the NFL already pretty polished). Drafting Fred Davis was stupid; we have Cooley, who I believe is locked up for the next few years (and is one of the best in the league) and they had SO many other needs.

This team is not as talented as people think; I think they were playing over there heads the first half of the season (nobody can keep up virtually no turnovers for the entire season, though they have stayed good at it, which is an encouraging sign of good coaching). That's not to say they don't have some good talent, but most of it, especially on the defensive side of the ball, is old.

I think they've got to draft a new Right Tackle on offense (Jansen's dropped off damn hard, probably because of injuries/age) and need to get at least one stud D-Linemen. If the Bears are stupid enough to let Tommie Harris onto the open market, toss major money at him.

I'd still like them to get to the playoffs this year. I think they could be one of those teams that sneak in and get hot, if only because it's kind of a down year for the NFL this season. But I'm not holding my breath.