Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hall of Shame

This guy is bad news. It's a mistake to throw this guy into the mix with a new Zorn-again culture forming in our locker .
Stay medium? Don't think so.
All you need to know is that my hometown Falcons dumped him at the end of last season. A franchise that was circling the bottom of the bowl in an unprecedented way simply had no use for him. A franchise that has rebuilt impressively behind the solid front office leadership of Dimitroff and coaching of Mike Smith, that has proven they know what they are doing, kicked him to the curb.
I know, I know, one person's trash is another's treasure. And we did get him for a Filene's Basement price. But like a Filene's Basement bargain: attitude high, prices low.
A short review of MeAngelo Hall's attitude is in order. Let's go to the videotape!!!
Getting outrun by a one-shoed Hines Ward.
Getting burned time after time after time - Jay Cutler

The gamble here is that the Skins lockerroom culture can somehow teach MeAngelo to control his divisive, negative behavior that morphs into a monster at the drop of a hat.
But given this ownership's track record with free agent superstars (see 1999-2005) I think it's a bad fit. And dumping a Torrence instead of draft pick Tryon (wasn't he the nemesis in Teen Titans?) or putting one of the out-of-shape injured receivers on IR for the year... the team attitude pendulum just went a couple ticks from postive to negative. We'll see...


Lil Bro said...

Listen, very good points, but you are totally wrong on one -- it's Trigon who was the Teen Titans' demon nemesis from another dimension, spawned the empath Raven, and pledges to lay waste to the universe in a thousand years of darkness. ...

Hmmm, may be you're not so far off with the comparison.

Lil Bro said...

Nice Akria shoutout as well!