Monday, November 24, 2008

Ball Hawkin' the Sea Hawks

Thanks Goodness our secondary develop some hands against Seattle. It helped turn an ugly game into a win. At 7-4, I am still hopeful that the Redskins can make it to the playoffs. But man, I am still not sure they deserve it.

I mean, they fight hard, play well (at times), but when will they dominate?

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Minor Thread said...

Good points. I was going to post something similar.
They've scored one LESS point than the opposition thru 11 games.
They've never beaten another team by more than 8 points -- the other team was always within a touchdown and 2-point conversion from at least tying the game. But when they've lost, they've lost by much more.
The passing game needs to succeed when the running game gets shut down. No way to come back on teams without being able to do this.
The Giants game will, obviously, be a huge test.
This team needs upgrades on both lines to really be a contender -- we need a pass rush that get get after the QB with only 4 guys, and we need to give Campbell 2 seconds more time.

Oh, and did you notice Wilbon conveniently jumped all over the Wizards coaching change -- laying low on the first anniversary of #21's death.