Monday, January 21, 2008

Back for More Links

Your faithful blogmaster is back with some linkage, but first I'd like to commemorate our 100th posting (which happened last month) with this special behind the scenes insight into the Sandy, Baby blogging process:

Now back to a regular post:

(from BlackSportsOnline (obviously) via Deadspin).

I'm praying that image isn't doctored, I think Chad Johnson can talk a little bit too much but he seems to be far from a Terrell Owens or as bad as Randy Moss can be. The Skins biggest need probably is wide receiver as well, as Santana and Randle El are good but were inconsistent and injury prone this past season. That and a solid young defensive back would be nice (but who doesn't need that?). Why not trade a first rounder for a sure thing? Wish there was some more reporting on this.

This is about the funniest thing you'll read for a while.

"Yes, yes!
Cry your tasty tears of overreaction UNC fans!"

UPDATE: Here's an important and breathtaking video somehow taken from Hitler's last days in power. Amazing video quality for such an important piece of history.

(via Kissing Suzy Kolber).

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