Thursday, January 24, 2008

Open Letter to Daniel Snyder

Redskins Park
Landover, MD 28902

Dear Mr. Snyder,

I know we've never had the best relationship. I've derided you as The Danny, the owner who pays too much for over-the-hill players like Bruce Smith, fired Norv Turner in the middle of the season, and only seeks coaches who make you giggle like a school girl during a Brad Pitt movie.

But I've always known you're a passionate Redskins fan and I praised you when you raised Joe Gibbs from NASCAR purgatory. I thought such an act washed you clean of your previous sins.

Now with the decision to bypass Gregg Williams as head coach let me be absolutely clear with where I stand: f#!k you.

Never in a thousand years should you have passed over Gregg Williams for the top job. Never. The team is still recovering from a roller-coaster season, needs stability, and Gregg is the man. You apparently did not even heed the advice of your idol Joe Gibbs. I know technically Gregg departed on his own, but only after you treated him poorly.

Who knows what the future holds. Perhaps you'll find a great coach (not Fassel!). Perhaps we'll do well next season. But from here, it seems you have destroyed the team chemistry built under Gibbs and have made the team a mockery in the league.

If I'm wrong, I'll admit it here. But I am tired of you and what you have done to my hometown team.


Lil Bro

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