Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Lil Bro said...

Oh man. Is Santa Claus retiring next? What a rollercoaster season. In a way, he is leaving with his legacy somewhat intact. (I don't think that's why he's leaving, of course.) I'm pullimng for Gregg W. to get called up, but not holding my breath. I would like it if Gibbs stayed on as more than a consultant. But then again, he'll always have the ear of The Danny so in reality he'll influenced a lot. So, let's begin: who should the Redskins interview for head coach?

Minor Thread said...

Mike Singletary, Bill Cowher, Double-G, Russ Grimm

The lack of any change in the personnel department (GM) is redawgulous. Danny just likes keeping his hand in, playing fantasy football a la the Angelos boys in Baltimore.

Trying Double-G for 3-4 years might make the most sense, seeing if the current group and schemes can mount a more consistent, injury-free campaign.

I think Gibbs is going to be pretty far out of the loop. The "president" role was there for the taking if he wanted to continue to really be part of things.

One question is that, after fostering the team as family this year, could Gibbs really make the hard decisions to let some guys go in order to improve.

Lil Bro said...

Could we keep GG as head coach, and Saunders as coach-offense or whatever? I kind of doubt it, but another playbook will kill JC. Hell, it'll kill me. This is what we did to Ramsey. I think Russ Grimm is an interesting idea. Some relationship with the franchise. And yeah the chances of a GM showing up anytime soon is nill. Wish Gibbs had taken the president job. May be that's what Synder talked him to about till 2 am. "Please, please stay and play with my toys!"