Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fire Up the (Copyright Infringing) BlogWagon!

Ollie saw many BlogWagons on his trip to India. Hopefully this one will smell less like urine and curry.

Chris Samuels Re-Enacting R.Kelly's 1996 Hit "I Believe I Can Fly"

Great Kornheiser's Corpse! People are actually talking about the Redskins for reasons other than Captain Chaos showing his hee-ha all over the inter tubes. When Danny Warbucks hired Encino Man...I mean, Jim Zorn, everyone thought that it was going to be a Al Davis sucking-the-life-out-of-the-souls-of-the-innocent-type situation (sweet hyphenation, huh?). Personally, I thought he was the villain from this:

Somehow I can't see a Born Again saying "Prepare her for our pleasure"

We were wrong. Zorn isn't in over his head. He's not Spurrier running up the score in Osaka with a bunch of backups and then blowing harder than Leperchaun: Back to the Hood. He's not Herr Schottenheimer, locking grown men in their rooms after 8. Dare I say, he's not even Gibbs (II), running plays that harkened back to the days of the wishbone.

All Hail Zorn! All your non-divisional games are behold to us!

(Every time Dan Snyder gets excited, an Angel gets its wings)


Lil Bro said...

Did anyone see this:

Yes, it's Smoot's house *quite an art collection Fred) but more importantly he wants to open a Waffle House in the DC-area!!! Yes!!! Syrup! Coffee! Creamed grits! He should open franchise's in ... in ... IN PHILLY! IN DALLAS!!! Yow!

Minor Thread said...

I got yer waffle houses right here, two off either exit, one each way so you don't have to turn around.

Ollie said...

Sounds good but I doubt a D.C. franchise could match the success of the "special" All-Star Breakfast our WaHo here in Tennessee offers. I don't know why I have to free-base my hashbrowns, but they sure do wake me up!

Lil Bro said...

Quit rubbing it in! I, who live practically on the Mason-Dixon Line, have no Waffle House nearby. Do you Southern gentlemen have no shame?