Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Spoon-Fed Receiver

Now that B. Lloyd be gone, I have to have a new target. And you know, while this Redskins season is going great, I really don't have to look too far .. DO I DEVIN THOMAS!?!

Listen: You may be more talented than Lloyd and even a more profound rapper than than the lyricist who brought the world "I Get the Chedda" but damn, man, quit with the interference calls!

On the Wash. Post Redskins blog (All Hail) Zorn said about Thomas: "He's a tremendous talent. But he's not ready, really, to take on any kind of responsibility, to be honest with you. We're having to spoon-feed him there."

Yes, spoon-feed! Devin, before we dub you the Spoon-Fed Receiver, play in a game and don't break the rules!

And for those out of area bloggers, are we all keeping up with the latest Eastern motors ads -- discussions between CP and Randle El about ligers and Chris Cooley in his short-shorts. I tell ya, we got a team with swagger now.

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