Tuesday, October 14, 2008

John Milton Laments Redskins Loss to Rams


In which The Author illumines the root causes of the Downfall of the Wearers of Burgundy and Gold this past Sabbath, and predicts their future Redemption.

Hail holy Zorn, offspring of Heav'n first-born

Providential play-caller, those foul beasts

Charybidis and Scylla could not stop

Thy reverse play-action run-pass option;

May I name thy faults unblam'd from thy wrath?

Th' Quarterback of Soup excells under thy

Tutelage; Choirs of Hogettes sing thy praise

"Hip, Hip, Hoo-Ray, Chosen of the Danny!"

But thou and thy bright Host art fell tempor'y

To those animals over whom Man may

Hold Dominion justly; Rams not these

Sacrificyal but rather rapt in one

Win over thee; their methods from thou not

Hidden but rather wrapt Incognito.

Play-calls passive, the Ultimate Sin of
Turnover, abundant. Pride of Four and
One cometh before the Fall.
And yet there

Is Redemption written in the emp'real
Celestial lights of the orbs of Heaven,
Spelled Cleveland and Detroit, fraudulent signs
Of professional teams both. Hail! O Sons of
Washington and restore thy blissful seat! ('Skins by 10)


Lil Bro said...

I think someone's had too much mead. At 3:44 am in the morning no less.

But Milton's words be true. We had a glimpse of a 7-2 paradise, but tis lost.

Minor Thread said...

Bravo! I propose doing a different poet's take on each week of Skins games. I call Charles Bukowski and Dogen.

Ollie said...

My next post is going to be in rime royal

Lil Bro said...

Poetry nerds!

Fanzak.com said...

A couple of good Skins articles