Saturday, August 4, 2007

B. Lloyd B. Lame

I learned from Dan Steinberg this week that Redskin Brandon Lloyd has songs posted on his MySpace page. They include the hip-hop ditties "I Get the Chedda" and "Bad Child."
The aspiring musician has inspired me to write my own rap song, appropriately titled ...

"Catch the Ball 85!"

(Intro: generic Casio beat, sound effects from "The Longest Yard," a brief cornet melody, DMX-style shout chorus)

You singin' about chedda, but makin' TDs would be betta,
Smash yo helmet on the ground, Gangsta Gibbs sure ain't down,

Catch the ball 85, catch the ball 85!

23-for-57, your numbers stink to heaven,
Now you're No. 3, is Randle El all we need?

Catch the ball 85, catch the ball 85!

Back to Frisco, you're stale as Nabisco,
Here's a napkin man 'cause you got butter in your hands

Please add verses as needed during the season.

1 comment:

Minor Thread said...

Made me laugh and cry!
It was better than "Cats!"

Let's cut this track at 343 Studios over spring break!