Friday, August 10, 2007

Best Rapper Alive

Here, via D.C. Sports Bog, via Fanhouse, via Youtubes, via too many shots of Jim Beam, John Riggins rapping. That sound you're hearing, besides the white hot truth that Riggo is spitting, and the blazin' synth beats of the guy who made $3,000 coming up with this masterpiece, is the sound of the best moment ever in the life of a twenty year old sports blogger.

Somewhere, John Riggins is shaking his head and praying the Atari commercial he did never makes it to the internet.

Actual comment by a Bog reader (Lil Bro I'm looking at you): "Brandon Lloyd, listen and learn. Football playing rappers with a super bowl ring>football playing rappers with 23 catches."

UPDATE: This is why YouTube is so great. Sean Taylor IS: BATMAN

1 comment:

Lil Bro said...

Riggo Rap hurts my soul. It burns, mommy, it burns.