Thursday, August 2, 2007

Notes ands Arrested Development Jokes

"Baby" friend/ 12th level Bogmaster Dan Steinberg attempts to answer Lil Bro's burning question. The definitive answer is: maybe? Steinzz seems to have a bit of a subjective stance on the issue.

Also, Andray Blatche pulled a Hugh Grant. Oops. At least he'll take that 5 yr $12 mil deal without a hassle now... Word is his solicitation was almost as awkward as George Michael from Arrested Development. Don't even ask what he wanted to do with his chocolate covered banana.

Oh, and apparently we have a baseball team now. Who knew? I'm a little surprised nobody's mentioned it before.

Suggested questions for George Michael's chat tomorrow, on @ 12:30. (and let's face it...that kid is and always and only will be, George Michael Bluth...even after his third DUI):

How many pairs of pleated khakis do you own? The over/under is set at 150.

How long did you have to study for your role as an awkward high school student in your upcoming movie Superbad? 10, 15 seconds?

I supported your previous campaign, and was crestfallen when you didn't win. Do you plan on challenging Steve Holt *STEVE HOLT* for the Class Presidency again? And where might I acquire some campaign literature?


Lil Bro said...

It's fake. Totally fake. Watch the other fantasy ads for all the other players and they get more and more questionable. ... Though maybe JC's was the only real one.

Lil Bro said...

Actually, here's my other favorite JC vid:
(50 Cent lyrics aside)

Minor Thread said...

My favorite youtube sports clip is this one:
Never saw it on TV.