Sunday, August 5, 2007


Of note:
The Atlanta Journal Constitution ran a preview of the Eastern Conference, dividing into teams that have improved and those that stood pat. The Wizards get nary a mention. But -- before Ollie goes on a Rooster Rampage -- we should all chillax and get our stealth on. Had we not gotten hit with injuries last year, we'd have been a top-3 seed in the East. #1 record at the break, even with the terrible start. This year Gil won't get all gotta pump iron till the break of day before the opener and we'll hit the ground running. I just wish he'd brag not about how many jump shots he's hitting during the summer, but how much defense he's practicing. The scoring needs to be more balanced, with Daniels, Young, Pech, DMac having big games occasionally to offset the reliance on the Big Three. 50+ Wins

- Interesting to see how protected the draft pick from the Grizzlies is. If we get it next year we can do one of three things -

1) dish off to someone w/ a side helping of Etan Thomas, freeing up money for a big free agent signing.
Big free agent market next year. But the player who best fits the needs of the Wiz is F/C Elton Brand. A 20/10 low post player who is also a good citizen, but who unfortunately just tore his achilles/out 6 months. He has a player option to get out of his contract. Some speculation he wouldn't opt out after an injured season, but big men get big money all the time.

2) Use both picks in a trade for an established player. Not sure what kind of player would both fit us and a team would be willing to give up. Less likely, methinks.

3) Use both picks -- lots of F/C coming out next year. Kevin Love? Darrell Arthur? Michael Beasley? Hibbert? DeAndre Jordan? All seem to have the potential to help the Wiz. Soem of these will be taken higher than either pick, but some will be available 15-25. But, they'd be young when the rest of the team is in its prime.

- A Spanish fan touting Navarro's impact on the NBA (and the Wizard's loss) on the messageboards cited a Navarro highlight reel on Youtube as proof of La Bomba's skillz. The rebuttal came when another fan linked to another bit of Youtubery, this time a very funny clip of Navarro getting absolutely shut down by a fringe NBA player guarding him in a Spanish league game. Both are worth checking out. I'm going to trust Grunfeld's instincts on this one.


Lil Bro said...

Where did the ad come from and when do I get my cut of the profits?
As for basketball, I bow to you all's knowledge of Wizardry. Though as the only Harry Potter fan of the bunch, I hope Agent Zero casts the Avada Kedavra curse on LeBron "Voldemort" James. ... Stop laughing Ollie!

Minor Thread said...

Funny meow meow make me laugh.