Friday, August 24, 2007

Little Miss Sonny

Mike Wise makes me think of a new movie classic.

Sam Huff + Sonny Jurgenson in Grumpy Old Men IV: Dentures but Still Drinking

Plot: Sam and Sonny travel cross-country in a VW van to take Brandon Lloyd to a talent show where he can debut his musical skillz. They are accompanied by a crazy cast of characters. Love child Larry Michael has taken a vow of silence, no one complains. "Uncle" Joe Bugel is distraught over a failed relationship with one of his lineman. And the corpse of Jack Kent Cooke is a lovable ne'er-do-well who coaches B. Lloyd to fame in The Litte Miss No-Talent Contest.

Coming to a theater near you!

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Ollie said...

Really? I was thinking of a movie adaptation of the Ambigiously Gay Duo.