Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blogging on Gil's Blog

I don't want to spend the next hour at the computer, so I'm making this hort but sweet. Gilbert Arenas has a new blog post (well, as of 7/13) and I haven't seen it mentioned by anyone yet. He doesn't do the whole permalink thing, so I'll just refer to the link we have to his blog on the top right of this site. It's a nice, bite-sized entry, but deserves, like most things about Agent Zero, to be discussed in more detail. The entire thing is golden, but my favorite excerpt is here:

0-10 Doesn't Cut It, Guys
I’ve been watching the summer league here and there. Dominic McGuire looks very good. Nick Young is coming around, he looks good too. That second game he really came into his own. I like Aaron Miles a little bit, he did a great job running the team. I like Chase, the back-up guard. You know, they just got to get some wins. The last two years, they’re 0-10.

Of course I hooked Nick Young up with the Gil Zeros. I’m trying to make him an adidas guy. I called him right before he left for Las Vegas and told him to play like we used to play back in Cali. Then, when he was playing their second game out there I was watching it on TV and I saw the Wizards security guard, Jackie Miles, he was digging in his ear and I called him and I was like, “Yo, we can see you on TV digging in your ear.” And Nick Young was sitting in front of him and I told Jackie, “Tell Nick that he needs to go ahead and show me something. I didn’t see nothing last game, I need to see something this game.” And that’s when he got like three dunks in a row. I’m like, “Three dunks? OK, here we go!”

Gil is such a charismatic man of the people, he's even friends with the security guard! How cool is that? He's the anti-thesis of the Gheroge Muresan, who once sent out an internal memo saying:

"Gheroge the Giant must not be tuohced! Gheorge the Ginat must not be made eye contact with by puny men, expecially old man who seyz owns Gheorge! No man owns Gheorge the Giant, who r00lez with fists of stone and Billy of Crystal! Gypsie curses on all!" (Apologies to Wizznutzz)

No, Gil is a man of the people, a veritable Juan Peron, only with Awvee Storey as his Evita! Besides, who better to snub him before every game to get him pissed off?

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