Friday, July 6, 2007

Holy Shooting Guards, Batman!

Just as the Wizards offer close to the mid-level exception for DeShawn Stevenson, the news breaks that FC Barcelona is ready to release Juan Carlos Navarro from the carbonite and into the waiting arms of Ernie Grunfeld. That potentially gives us Gil, DeShawn, Nick Young, Antonio, and JCN in the backcourt logjam. I agree with the folks over there at BULLETSFOREVER; the canny move is to keep JCN if you can keep him, not trade him away for the dream of a starting center. And no, Ollie, they won't be able to trade Navarro, Roger Mason, Wes Unseld and a gift certificate to Jaleo to Minnesota for Garnett. Don't even try it -- you'll just jam up the ESPN Trade Machine trying to stuff the gambas al ajillo into the USB port.

Keep JCN. He is a proven winner who'll give some needed experience and moxie to this fun-lovin' bunch. Give Haywood away for a bag of chips if you need to make a move. Thomas, Songaila, Pecherov, Blatche can rotate at the C. The top NBA teams have guys like Young, Antonio, JCN coming off the bench to keep the scoring hot while the starters sit. Less action for Gil, Caron, and Jamison means they have a better chance of staying healthy down the stretch.

Questions now are:
Does DeShawn take the offer?
What will JCN ask for?
Will Pecherov, Young, Blatche light up summer league?

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