Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vegas, Baby, VEGAS!

So I was at work and thought I'd just sort of surf around, since I didn't have much to do. I went onto Facebook, because that's the hip college thing to blow off work with, and I think I saw some poker on one of several televisions around me, so I decided to see how a friend who I used to play a semi-regular game with was doing.

Yes, this is *technically* stalking, but Facebook tends to bring that out in everyone, so I'm not particularly ashamed.

Anyway, turns out he has a blog now, as it seems, does just about everyone with an imagination and some time to kill. And, as it turns out, that poker thing, it, uh, kind of stuck. He made it into the top 750 (out of 6300) at the Main Event of the World Series of Poker. And he has a pretty ridiculous story to go with it.

"After about the seventh level, an interesting character by the name of Montel Williams (yes, the Montel Williams) showed up at my table. He had a decent chip stack and was soon the tournament chip leader by catching pocket kings or pocket aces three times verses other large stack players. The ESPN cameras were all around my table filming the events and they caught me saying, "My grandma watches your show religiously, and I can now tell her that I am absolutely petrified of you at the poker table." Nice... hope some of the coverage gets on there."

And more good stuff like that.

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