Sunday, July 8, 2007

Wizards yada yada Spanish dude yada yada

Actually, I'm completely for keeping Navarro. I almost swallowed my tongue when I saw the JCN for Jeff Posey rumor going around. I think all this stuff about Cleveland or Miami being interested in him is kind of funny, since they have virtually nothing to offer in return except a gift certificate to Good Guys (Guys Bucks? Good Times Pence?) and some new cake recipes for Abe. Of course, nothing is going to get done until they figure out the DeShawn situation. It's starting to look like he's pricing himself out of any contract he might want again (I still refuse to call a $3 million dollar a year contract to play basketball "reasonable"), seeing as his name hasn't come up in any free agent talks except when mentioned context with the 'Zards. $3 mil a year would be a good deal for Ernie, and probably give them enough space to get JCN. It would probably help if they got rid of Brenda and Basketball's Poet Laureate. They're most likely stuck with what they've got at center in O-PEC and 32 Cent as is, and frankly, I prefer seeing what those two can do as opposed to overpaying the for next Jerome James. I think trading Haywood for a couple of dirt cheap, bust or boom players (like I've suggested before) packaged with an expiring contract, or a guy who might retire (like a Darius Miles, though that's a crapshoot). It's the best they're going to get for him, seeing as him and Predator Lite's sparring sessions have forced E-Grun's hand.

Seeing as JCN is a combo guard, they could also get rid of AD to a team that figures to make the playoffs, since he is pretty money there (his stats for this past season's brief first round appearance are pretty awesome, even though they didn't really have another legit point guard with Agent 0 out.) Seems like JCN might be a cheaper replacement, and he is supposed to a be a good clutch player as well. Not saying it would be ideal to get rid of Daniels, especially since that whole bench is already quite possibly the weakest in Association, but it would clear up more of that ever valuable cap space. They'd be building for the future for that, since they'll have to do some major re-signings and next year looks like it could be the biggest free agent crop ever, though that phrase gets thrown around a lot. One guy they could think about, not to look ahead way too far or anything like that, is Elton Brand, who might not get re-signed by Los Clippos now that it looks like Donald Sterling has stopped his loose and wild owning and gone back to being a cheap, bitter old bastard again. It'd be as close as the team could come to re-doing the 2001 draft and Jordan trading the #1 pick for Elton Brand, like they should have done in one of the weakest drafts ever.

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