Monday, July 16, 2007


The latest Sporting News reported that Joe Gibbs and offensive coordinator Al Saunders DIDN'T REALIZE THEY HAD MAJOR PHILOSOPHICAL DIFFERENCES ABOUT RUNNING OFFENSES PRIOR TO SAUNDERS BEING HIRED. Joe G., as we all know, is run-first, while Al likes mix it up so the defense doesn't know what to expect. On many levels this represents how low the Skins have fallen:

1. Why didn't the coach research his prospective offensive coordinator? Someone should, I don't know, film NFL games or something.
2. Why didn't it come up in the offensive coordinator interview process? "It" being, you know, how the guy would run the offense.
3. Wasn't the idea that Gibbs' schemes weren't as effective as needed? Weren't we trying to get away from being predictable?

So now we are implementing Saunders' schemes, but playcalling as Gibbs would.

All is not right at Danny's house, and that's why I won't be wasting any more pixels on Skins till they show they've righted the ship. And it may take someone else... Bill Cowher and Rich McKay?

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