Monday, June 11, 2007

Arenas, so long?

Here's my monkey wrench to all ths hopeful Wiz draft talk. With the announcement this weekend that Arenas WILL opt out of his contract next year (and represent himself to boot) will we really see him stay with the Wizards for $10 million per year, which would help the team? Minor Thread hopes so, calling that "an act of selflessness unprecedented in the NBA." Agreed. But it ain't happening.
Now, I luv Mr. Zero to Hero, but Gilbert is dreaming of lots of zeros on his paycheck. According to the Post: "While he has repeatedly expressed a desire to see the Wizards put together a championship contending team, Arenas made it clear on Saturday that his decision to opt out is based primarily on business concerns."
The article goes on to say his knee injury and the birth of his second son, has changed the view of his financial future. Meaning, Daddy Gilbert wants his kids in Armani diapers.
If Arenas leaves, do we kiss our Wizards hopes good-bye?

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