Thursday, June 7, 2007


So yeah, the Devil Rays pick up a Vanderbilt pitcher, Bud Selig stands behind a podium, blah-blah ... WHY is this on television? A live audience for this sports non-event that was broadcast from -- I kid you not -- the Milk House at Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex! (Hey Goofy, bet you $1000 and a summer pass to Epcot Michael Moustakas of Chatsworth High goes in the first round.)
Granted this was ESPN2, which usually shows professional duck tossing on Thursday afternoons. But does MLB have to follow the NBA and NFL with a televised draft? You can tell me baseball fans are driving this, but all it is $$$ for Bud and his pals (and a lead in to MLB's new cable channel).
But perhaps a more pressing concern: Ollie why -- WHY -- are you watching this? Hoping to catch a glimpse of Snow White at the Milk House?

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Ollie said...

I thought the "Milk House" was the nickname for the DC Madam's house. I've also learned the hard way that you can't unwatch three hours of the MLB Draft. Ugh.