Thursday, June 7, 2007

WOOOOO!!! Names of Guys I've Never Heard Of!

2:18 I'm getting going late...Some guy out of Popped Collar Douchebag U...oops, I mean Vanderbilt, has the despa...pleasure of being picked first overall by the St.Petersburg Devil Rays. "One day he's the pitcher, the next day he's the batboy." Uh, okay Pete.

2:21 Some Greek guy just got drafted out of high school...throws 97 mph but is a shortstop?!? Riiiight... Incidentally, Bud Selig looks even more uncomfortable doing this draft thing than David Stern, if that's possible within the laws of quantum physics and whatnot.

2:25 First Levitra commercial and the first "got wood" joke of the day. Looking to break a record today.

4:55 Back from technical difficulties and the Nationals are about to pick after taking some guy who sounds good from Mizzou State.

"Detwiler has been impressive for Missouri State this season, posting a 2.22 ERA in 14 appearances, while striking out 110 batters in 89 innings." (via

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