Friday, June 22, 2007

D.C. Bogmania

I was walking back home from my internship and saw a slightly familiar pale bald head on the other side of the street...none other then the Master of Minutia, Tony Kornheiser's Successor, Jamie Mottram's Overlord, Mr. DAN STEINBERG, who was coming from the National Zoo. Was he covering a wrestling match between Gilbert and a Polar Bear, the next logical opponent for Gil after his numerous smackdowns of manchild Party John Ramos in the Zards' locker room? Filming a race between Santana and a Cheetah? Recording a genetic experiment inserting Rod Strickland's mind with the body of a lazy ass Panda in an effort to pervert nature?

No, he was visiting our Metro areas beautiful National Zoological Park with his lovely wife and young child, and seemed half honored that I'd stop him on the street for his "fame" and half scared I'd been following him in order to pull off some kind of "Misery" situation with him.

Incidentally, he seemed to really enjoy the Reptile House, as well as Praire Dog County and, everybody's favorite, the Naked Mole-Rat exhibit. Uh, just a guess.

For those unfamiliar with Agent Steinzz' work, here's the most recent, and perhaps best, installation of Bog TV. Hihglights include anytime Randle El talks and when Jason Campbell refers to himself as "Mediterranean", an instant classic. The only thing that comes close to it is the video from the Preakness infield, when the Bogster asks a drunken co-ed who won the Preakness last year, only for her to respond, "I DID!!!"


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