Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rambling Thoughts About _______.

I caught parts of all three Nats games this weekend, and a couple of things stuck out to me.

I have actually grown fairly attached to our announcing team of Bob Carpenter and Don Sutton. Both seem to actually enjoy watching the sport they cover as well as working with each other, nor do they seem to think they need to prove that they know everything about baseball, unlike most announcers (like every jackass color man on Fox, and Joe Morgan). Also, Sutton actually has a useful observation or two just about every game, again in contrast to most color announcers these days, regardless of sport. Combine this with with goofy shots of kids in the stands every couple of innings and MASN has, shockingly, done a decent job at making an enjoyable broadcast. Warrants mentioning, as does the competition between Johnny Holiday and Don Sutton throughout this series to out "date" themselves by mentioning obscure 50's TV shows.

I haven't seen the Angels or Indians play, but I get this crazy feeling that the World Series Champ is going to come from AAAA again. The Padres and Dodgers are probably two of the three best pitching teams in the majors, the Mets have a ridiculous lineup, and Arizona has a lot of talent. The NL Central does deserve to be delegated to AAA though....
As for my second favorite baseball team (I sound like a ten year-old, I know), the Sawx, I think they have the best lineup and rotation, and June. They looked great for a while last year and faded towards the end. I think they'll still, hopefully, win the AL East, but I think they're probably peakng too early.

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