Monday, June 11, 2007

Mayor-for-Life at the buffet table

Ollie and I had a brush with glory this Sunday. While eating brunch and complaining about the soggy bacon, we saw the one and only Marion "bitch set me up" Barry at Annie's on Kent Island.
I realized as he strolled from the buffet table that despite his shortcomings (you know, being arrested for drugs and all), that DC's Mayor-for-Life reigned during the most victorious era of the Redskins. (I'm ignoring his return to the office in 1995.)
It's totally ridiculous, totally unbelievable, totally superstitious, but given all the 'Skins have tried recently, perhaps what the football team needs in order to win is to put Barry back in power.
Now, I don't mean as chief executive of our fair city (we have Marathon Man Fenty for that). But perhaps put him in the position the team needs most, a new General Manager. Can you imagine a more dynamic duo than Coach Gibbs and GM Barry?!?
Hail to Hizzoner!

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