Monday, June 18, 2007

(Don't) show me the money

As LaVar "The Ghost Rider" Arrington recovers from his accident, it reminds me of one of my pet peeves about modern sports (yes, I have many) and the Redskins.
Here's a quote from a 'skins player that struck me the other day: "There are a lot of things that go into starting over with another team. I just felt comfortable here. To me, being comfortable is more important than the money. That's just me, though."
We talked recently about how Agent Zero will scrunch for a massive payday instead of helping the Wizards next year, so it's refreshing to hear Ladell Betts tell the Post that, Yes, money indeed is not everything.
Despite his ass-kicking end-of-year play, Ladell has resigned with the Redskins; it's a healthy contract, of course, but not the bling-bling perhaps he could've gotten on the open market.
Now, before I get accused of being an anticapitalist sandinista who wears Che shirts beneath my Gap jacket, obviously an athlete has a right to earn a big salary.
But I am so sick, especially with the 'skins, of players looking for the big cash after saying how much they love the team. LaVar, since you're in the hospital I won't say anything (cough -- where's my $6.5 million petty cash? -- cough).
AND, at the same time, I also can't stand when Coach God Bless 'em Joe Gibbs calls a player a "Real Redskin" but then won't pony up a decent salary. Don't we all mourn the loss of Antonio Pierce? Would we be dumbing down Gregg Williams D if Pierce were still middle linebacker?
So, to sum up, it'd be nice to hear more Redskins talk like Betts, and also Gibbs to pay more than lip service to the "Real" players.
And ... LaVar, feel better, dude.

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