Monday, June 4, 2007

I Shall Lob this Resin Handgrenade to Show How I Respectfully Disagree With that Strike Call, Sir...

The purpose of this blog is primarily to display the banter between three brothers who are all fans of DC sports, and whose level of interest in said area sports range from "meh" to "I can't wait for D.C. United to beat some Red Bull ass."

That being said, this video is way too good to pass up. You've never really lived until you've seen the ol' resin bag as a hand grenade trick.

(Courtesy of, obviously)

This, to me, raises to the question of whether or not players and managers conciously make asses of themselves for our (and their) entertainment. I certainly would in an effort to break through the monotony of a minor league baseball game. Maybe there's an ongoing bet in ( relatively meaningless) baseball as to who can throw the more outrageous tantrum. Resin bag boy or this guy:


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