Saturday, June 23, 2007

An Excessive Non-Sports Interlude

So Lil Bro and I took a break from our lives rotated around athletics to go see Wilco at Merriweather Post a few days ago on the summer solstice. Not only was it the best concert I've ever been to, but from a search of the Youtubes it looks like it was one of Wilco's best performances too. They're definitely a great live band, and both of us felt like while their studio stuff is good, it doesn't do justice to their talent. I mean, they did three legit encores, something I've never seen before, and while the first one definitely seemed planned, the second and third ones seemed more like the effect of several thousand people just standing and cheering for several minutes as loud as they could both times. Also, you probably couldn't find a more eclectic concert crowd; to our right was a couple of middle-aged parents witht their teenaged son, in back of us were a couple of buzzed, smartass 30ish hipsters, behind us was a couple of fifty-somethings, in front of us a couple of "those guys" who kept high-fiving each other like the one of them that was air-guitaring and drum soloing was actually playing. And half the crowd consisted of dirty, pancho wearing college hippies, toking up and corrupting all the youth at the concert, like the six-year old (seriously) who was taking in his first concert in the calmest mosh pit ever.

Here's some video from the concert, taken from near where we were:

AND Part 2

And the Singer Jeff Tweedy just owning a dumbass fan who jumps on stage and grabs him. About 1:10 in.

Wilco performing one of their "hits":

And "Via Chicago".

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